Learn how nuclear is part of the climate solution

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the world today. As the global community becomes increasingly concerned about the effects of rising temperatures, more and more countries are looking at how they can transition to a cleaner, lower-carbon economy.

As Canada re-examines its options for power generation,it must be mindful of the fact that each source of electrical power has different trade-offs between power produced, cost and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the decisions that the federal government makes on energy policy today will set the environmental course for the future, and ultimately determine if international commitments are met.


  • Asthma and other respiratory illnesses
  • Heat-related illnesses
  • Drinking water quality and availability
  • Food security
  • Allergic reactions
  • Wildlife diseases
  • Species extinction
  • Lyme disease expansion
  • Deforestation
  • Droughts and infestations
  • Flooding and other extreme storms
  • Coral death
  • Rising sea levels
  • Infrastructure damage
  • Snow and ice hazard injuries
  • Dangerous seas